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FENIX is inspired by the phoenix, a mythical creature known for “rising from its ashes”. It is a symbol of rebirth and appears in various ancient cultures.

Drawing on this analogy, we bring you our FENIX transformation, enabling you to reach your fullest potential with life-changing results.
Fenix Fitness was created by founders who are highly experienced coaches and who have also been transformation clients themselves. They have walked in your shoes. This gives them a practical and honest understanding of your desire to transform, what it takes to achieve your transformation and also how to sustain your results. Our expert, evidence-based coaches will design a plan to help you turn your dreams into reality.
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Our focus is on YOU

We are aware that a realistic fitness plan and genuine support is a game changer in an age of overwhelming demands and distractions. Our coaches listen to your needs and work closely with you from Day 1 so that you feel confident in achieving your goals and sustaining results. This personalised attention enables us to structure the most effective programme for you.
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We inspire each other to thrive

We focus on a premium tailored approach with our clients to assist them in reaching their desired goals with 1-to-1 personal fitness coaching. We welcome all individuals that seek to change, develop or reinvent themselves. Fenix Fitness takes the time to listen and understand every individual's unique needs and desires.

Our genuine care and expertise, combined with evidence-based principles and our state-of-the-art premium facility, puts you in the most effective position to become your best.


Cutting-edge Tech & Evidence-based Methods

Setting the Benchmark for Coaching Excellence

Fenix Fitness strives to support the growth of our coaches and set the highest standards in the fitness industry. Our team is constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest research and coaching practices in order to deliver the best results.

We are confident that we have both the experience and expertise to support transformations for clients of different levels and backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on being genuinely passionate about making a positive difference in people's lives. We believe that knowledge is incomplete without the human element of caring and developing relationships of trust.

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