Fenix Fitness Coaches Bryan Tan

Understanding the person across from me is of utmost importance before any prescription can be given.


Fenix Coaches Meet Bryan

Having competed in numerous sports and been plagued by multiple injuries, Bryan realised that fitness should play a huge role in one’s life. On top of that, health needs to be a top priority to live a fruitful and more extensive life.

Bryan firmly believes that we should consider many factors, including sleep, stress levels, nutritional habits and lifestyle, that govern our lives beyond our physical activities.

Having coached injury-stricken individuals to become Semi-Pro Athletes for sports-specific goals, Bryan has worked with a wide array of individuals over the past five years.

Understanding the Client across from him is of utmost importance before any prescription can be given.

Bryan believes programming workouts need to be highly customised to suit individual Client needs and lifestyles.

With that said, he is a Coach who wants to guide and support you to where you want to be, to live a life to remember.

He is an OPEX (US based) Fitness CCP Coach & Ambassador, representing that coaching education platform which guides coaches to be the best version of themselves.

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