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Fenix Coaches Meet Madhu

Madhu is a Personal Fitness Coach passionate about movement and the relationship between physical and mental health. Her explorations have taken her from yoga to mindfulness and somatic practices that encourage attuning to the body. Her journey with resistance training began in 2014 when a friend sparked her interest in the gym. She loves feeling connected to her body and empowering other women to embrace eating well and being stronger.

Outside the gym, Madhu loves to cook wholesome meals, bake for family and friends and take long walks in nature.

It fills Madhu with joy to see a Client’s progress over time. Though big, singular accomplishments are often the measure of success, Madhu encourages her Clients to celebrate the smaller things that become ingredients for bigger, lasting change – whether that is turning up consistently for training, discovering a deeper body connection, or making time for self-care.

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