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Fenix Coaches Meet Tom

In 2012, Tom began his coaching career in Sydney whilst completing a Bachelor of Economics degree. However, instead of choosing a future in banking, he decided to pursue a career in health and fitness, discovering a passion for natural bodybuilding, strength training and optimising healthy living along the way.

He soon found it incredibly rewarding to be in the position to help others reach their goals and achieve life-changing results. Some memorable accomplishments were improving clients’ confidence through health and fitness, supporting clients through their rehabilitation process to overcome an injury, helping a client permanently come off painkillers through living a healthier lifestyle and preparing multiple clients to compete in their first natural bodybuilding competition.

Building upon his experience working with clients and trainers in six fitness facilities across Australia and Singapore, he saw the need for the experience for both Coaches and Clients to improve, which inspired him and his partners to create Fenix Fitness.

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