Fenix Fitness Hero Muscle Of The Month – Gluteus Maximus

Did you know that the Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in your body? It is one of three main muscles – collectively and colloquially known as the Glutes – that make up the buttocks. 

Well-developed Glutes give your lady booty that head-turning roundness and your man butt that angular hardness and chiselled-in look. But while perky butts are indeed a perk, strong Glutes do much more than fill out your jeans and give your partner more goodness to grab onto. 

At a practical level, these important muscles are involved in many of your daily activities – squatting, standing up from sitting, climbing stairs, walking uphill. Yet, we hardly stop to appreciate all that our Glutes do for us every day. 

Inspired to pause and mindfully connect to your Glutes? Try putting your hand on your bum, then raise your leg behind you. Or stand up from your chair (or the toilet!) without holding anything for support. 

It’s common among those of us with sedentary jobs to have weak or under-active Glutes from muscular imbalances or not knowing how to engage them properly. You’ll find this often shows up as pain in your lower back or knees, or in poor posture. 

At FENIX, we are big advocates of strong Glutes. That’s why the Glute Drive machine is part of our curated selection of state-of-the-art equipment. It’s been designed to place you in a safe and stable position to train your derrière and build it up progressively. 

You’ll be surprised at just how much the mighty Glutes are capable of! They can generate large amounts of force to thrust heavy loads and help you move more effectively day-to-day. But strong Glutes with stamina are also a major ally in the bedroom. It’s no secret that increased physical fitness and stamina put us in a better position to enjoy more fulfilling sex. And who doesn’t want that? 

We are intimately familiar with the bodily confidence, autonomy and connection that come from knowing how to engage your Glutes effectively and use them to your advantage. And we are passionate about sharing all this knowledge with you! 

Let us support you in building your dream butt – for a better quality of life, along with all the great perks🍑 😏

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