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Exclusive Offer FENIX is about to release a limited number of exclusive Memberships.

FENIX is about to release a limited number of exclusive private gym Memberships.

If you are an experienced gym user tired of dark and dirty, cramped, old-fashioned gyms, we have something special for you.

FENIX is releasing a small number of exclusive memberships for those who wish to exercise in FENIX without a Coach.

The Memberships will give you access to the most sophisticated gym in Singapore, with the most advanced equipment in the most beautiful gym space in our city.

We are limiting the number of Memberships to maintain our premium, comfortable ambience and the safe, inclusive nature of the FENIX experience.

Working out in FENIX is by appointment only as we are an exclusive, private gym.

Membership will give you access to our online booking system where you can check availability and book your desired session times. Once you have booked your slot successfully, come in and enjoy the best gym experience in Singapore.

Our Memberships are bundled with comprehensive assessments, training programs and a range of additional service services.

Book now for your free consultation with a free Fit3D scan and initial assessment.

State of the Art Facilities A limited number of Premium Memberships are becoming available.

Silver Membership $399 per month

  • Includes a review of your condition and goals, with assessment using our Fit3D scanner
  • Training program with 2 daily training plans formulated by our Expert Coaches
  • A Fit3D scan combined with a review of your progress by an expert Coach every two months
  • +Further training programs formulated by our Expert Coaches as an add-on service
  • +Nutritional assessment and recommendations as an add-on service

Gold Membership $599 per month

  • Includes a review of your current physical condition and your goals, with an assessment using results from our Fit3D scanner
  • Training programs designed specifically for your objectives with ongoing daily training plans formulated for you by our Expert Coaches
  • A Fit3D scan every month which is combined with a review of your progress by a FENIX Expert Coach
  • Ability to book 2-hour training sessions where adjacent 1 hour time slots are available
  • + Nutritional assessment and recommendations as an add-on service

FENIX Equipment Be Spoilt for Choice With Private Access to Cutting-Edge Equipment

Curated from seven different brands, you will get to enjoy the best-in-class equipment for your training. Our equipment is also cleaned and sanitised frequently throughout the day to ensure the comfort and health of our Members.

Our designer facilities include clean showers with Hans Grohe fittings and spacious changing rooms with Dyson hair dryers. All in Singapore's most luxurious and aesthetic gym, filled with natural light.

FENIX Equipment Access to Our State-Of-The-Art Body Scanning Technology

Unlike old-fashioned tape measures and fat callipers, our advanced Fit3D scanner measures your body and fat percentage without invading your personal space. As a result, you get fast, accurate progress monitoring without being poked and prodded.

Fit 3d

FENIX Fuel Bar Here to Support Your Training and Recovery

Our Fuel Bar has an extensive range of coffee, snacks, protein shakes and smoothies to support your training and recovery. We also give you the macronutrient breakdown of protein, carbs and fats so you know exactly what is fueling your body.

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