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Transformational Personal Training Struggling To Achieve Fitness Goals On Your Own? Grab A Partner!

If you’ve been alone in your fitness journey, it’s time you considered working out with a partner. Whether it’s a friend, family member or significant other, Fenix Fitness is here for you and the people you care about.


Why You Should Workout With a Partner Feel Happier, Excited and More Motivated

In addition to releasing endorphins that help boost individual happiness levels, exercise can also improve your interpersonal relationships when it becomes a common experience. Studies have shown that working out together promotes communication, encourages you to practise being present, and in doing so, creates a shared bond.

. Have someone to share the challenges with

We know how confusing and frustrating solo workouts can get when you feel like you are not making any progress - and that’s okay. We all need a little push sometimes. 


Having someone to keep you accountable allows you to keep up with your fitness goals. Plus, you get to establish mutual commitment to a healthier lifestyle and stick it through together.

University researcher Brandon Irwin highlights the importance of rapport in affecting your training performance. As he has it, “over time [...] you begin to feel a connection with your partner and don't want to let him or her down, which would explain the correlation between performance and the strength of the bond.” (American Council on Exercise, 2012).

The stronger the bond you share, the better your training performance. Celebrate your growth together!

Get better Value and Results with FENIX


Fenix Fitness provides highest quality evidence-based fitness coaching utilising the latest, proven methods across our curated selection of the most advanced fitness equipment and technologies from 6 different manufacturers.

It's The FENIX Way, our modern, scientific yet caring approach to coaching you that delivers your dream results in a safe and sustainable way.

State of the Art Technology

FENIX body fat assessment uses the state-of-the art non-invasive Fit3D body scan, not old fashioned ‘fat callipers’

FENIX curated our state-of-the-art exercise equipment from 6 leading manufacturers to have the best machine for each type of exercise. That enables us to adjust our machines around your specific needs including old injuries

FENIX Fit App contains your tailored personal workout programs, nutrition coaching & comprehensive workout and performance data tracking and includes convenient Coach and Client messaging.

The Fenix Fitness Method

Your Dream TN

Your Dream

Our holistic approach incorporates your goals, a healthy mind and spirit, and education on the process.

We give you the best transformation experience and empower you to sustain its benefits for life.


Our Team

Our 1-to-1 personal fitness coaching provides genuine support that goes above and beyond, in and out of the gym.

We stand by our expertise, and together, we will achieve your desired results.

Your New You TN

Your New You

Fenix Fitness 1-to-1 coaching is firmly rooted in evidence-based principles and those principles deliver results.

Our programmes are carefully structured to be rewarding, effective and sustainable.

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People who work out with a partner achieve better and more sustainable results because they share the experience of getting healthier. If you've been procrastinating going to the gym, this is your sign to grab a partner and stay committed together.

FENIX is here for you. Spread the word and book a FREE consultation today.

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