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Sheryl B - "7 stars at least! I've been training at Fenix since it opened and it just keeps getting better"

At Fenix Fitness, we have reinvented Personal Training with our Personal Fitness Coaching.

Our evidence-based methods, developed from the latest research, backed by cutting edge technologies, enable you to reach your full potential and sustain your transformation results.

At FENIX you are our focus. We listen to your needs and goals, then design and implement the most effective, safest program for you.

Personal Trainers at 30 Raffles Place Singapore Meet Our Expert Personal Trainers

Local Personal Trainers Near You Personal Training You'll Love

If you're looking for local personal trainers near you, look at our team of experienced and certified coaches.

We know that finding a personal trainer near you can be a challenge, so we make it easy to find the right trainer for your needs.

Our team of certified personal trainers are based in our Raffles Place gym in the heart of Singapore, making it easy to find a personal trainer SG residents can trust.

So whether you're looking for a personal fitness coach in Singapore, a personal gym trainer, or simply a personal trainer to help you with exercise, we have the expertise and equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals.

We understand that every client is unique, and we tailor our training programs to suit your specific needs and goals.

Our personal trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable, with a deep understanding of the latest research and techniques in the fitness industry.

We offer personalised training sessions tailored to your specific goals and fitness level. We aim to help you achieve excellent results, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall fitness and wellbeing.

We offer affordable rates for executive personal training in Singapore, with packages to suit your fitness goals.

Gym Based Personal Training Sustainable results through proven, evidence-based personal training.


Executive Personal Training Everything You Need and More

Our Personal Training Facility is based in the heart of Singapore's business district, Raffles Place.

We offer a range of personalised training options designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Our evidence-based methods are developed from the latest research, ensuring that you get the best possible results safely, healthily, and sustainably.

Additionally, we offer more than just personal training. We also offer nutritional planning, performance tracking, and body scans to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

In addition, our personal training gym in Singapore is fully equipped with the latest and most sophisticated gym equipment, ensuring you get the most effective and efficient workout possible.

At Fenix Fitness, we have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals in Singapore. Contact us today to learn more about our personal training options, rates, and packages.

Start your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Achieve your goals, become your best self Our Perfectly Created Programs

Women’s Health & Fitness

Whether you are navigating a fast-paced career or raising a family (or both!), pre- or post-pregnancy or in the later stages of life, we have the knowledge and care to tailor a program specifically for you that supports your journey to achieve your dream outcomes.

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Fat Loss and Weight Management

Look great and uncover the healthier you when you lose excess fat and manage your weight using proven scientific methods which our expert Coaches will teach, guide and encourage you through.

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Strength & Movement

We work to reverse the years, add flexibility, and drive capacity so not only do you feel good, you can do more. From chasing around your kids, to keeping up your energy levels we can help.

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Health Improvement

If you’re looking to improve your health and fitness, our 1-to-1 premium fitness coaching is for you. Our state-of-the-art facility in Singapore is equipped with the latest fitness equipment and our expert coaches will help you achieve your goals.

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Build Muscle & Increase Strength

At Fenix Fitness, strength training is about removing all the barriers you face. We work to build lean muscle, maintain flexibility, and build more strength than you’ve ever had before.

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Body Transformation

Achieve the body you’ve always wanted with our 1-to-1 premium fitness coaching is the perfect way to help you achieve your Body Transformation / Body Composition goals.

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Our Cutting Edge Facility Your New Sanctuary

Industry-Leading Experienced Coaches Become Your Best at Singapore’s Leading Personal Training Facility

Results Driven Smarter Coaching

Results Driven Smarter Training

Our holistic approach incorporates aesthetic goals, a healthy mind and spirit, and education on the process. We are on a mission to give you the best transformation experience and empower you to sustain its benefits for life.

Your Coach and Partner Combined

Our 1-to-1 personal training provides genuine support that goes above and beyond, in and out of the gym. We stand by our expertise, and together, we will achieve your desired results.
Evidence-based Transformation Methods

Evidence-based Transformation Methods

Fenix Fitness 1-to-1 personal training is firmly rooted in evidence-based principles. That said, we know a thing or two about fun as well! Our programmes are carefully structured to be rewarding, effective and sustainable.

Evidence Based Personal Training that Gets Results We're proud of our clients' transformations. Be inspired by their stories.

“I’ve never achieved a result like this in my life until starting at FENIX.”
39, Manager (Insights)

My main goal is to be healthy and fit when I’m older and more importantly when my one-year-old daughter grows up.

I gained about 12kg when my daughter was born due to lack of sleep and activity. I wanted to get my physique back and feel more confident when I wear my clothes. With Jo’s support and coaching, my mindset has shifted over time, and I managed to achieve what I wanted.

Jo was supportive with regular check-ins and refining my nutrition, which made the whole journey more enjoyable. She helped me fine-tune my lifting techniques, helping me to connect with my body better.

I had some fears on how work and personal travel would affect overall progress. Jo gave me tips on how to balance meals out during the day. These tricks helped me to keep up with my fat loss, even when travelling. I now know how to eat out without feeling stressed and am confident to manage my nutrition.

The culture at FENIX is great, all Coaches are very supportive and helpful. I love the whole ecosystem and they have some delish protein shakes!

“Everyone at FENIX treats me like a family member and this makes me feel very much at home.”

Joseph pushes me to challenge myself in the gym and advises me on my diet which is an important factor.

This is a foreign country for me, and English is not my mother tongue. Under such circumstances, I was quite nervous about communicating with my Coach. But Joseph and FENIX staff were always very kind. Joseph would even speak some Japanese to me which made me feel more comfortable. So now I don’t feel any stress regarding communication.

Training alone can be lonely and difficult to keep up your motivation. But with a reliable Coach and repeated small successes, I became both mentally and physically stronger.

This challenge was, and still is a tough road. But I could have never have made such progress without Joseph and all the staff’s encouraging support. I do very much appreciate them, and I’m so glad that I chose your gym. Thank you, FENIX. I’m so excited about my next chapter with FENIX!

“I dreamed of doing only one chin-up and now I can do three!”
46, Accountant

The ethos of FENIX is all about understanding their clients; it’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy. A clear differentiator from past gyms.

From the initial consult, Safiya listened and asked a lot of questions to comprehend what I wanted to achieve, what was possible and move towards that goal.

Given my “fit it all in” personality and hectic schedule, she suggested small changes in habits and confirmed sessions on a week-by-week basis. She was consistent with checking in with me on how things were going and willing to change things if they weren’t. Her positive vibe mixed with her motivational quotes and no nonsense approach when training were critical to my success.

I have more a balanced outlook to training. I used to think if I wasn’t decimated at the end of a training session that it wasn’t a good session. Working in finance, my hours are long and erratic and adding intense workouts during the week would leave me drained on the weekends. Now, my training is according to what is happening in my life. I have more energy not only at work but on the weekends – so I end up being more active and see results without the jolt to my system.

“I lost 6 kilos and 5% of body fat. I noticed that I am less sluggish and heavy, and more nimble.”
33, Dentist

I have been doing various forms of training for 7 years but have never managed to achieve an aesthetic outcome even though that was what I really wanted. Sharon helped me arrive at exactly what and where I wanted, and has also empowered me to plan for my future goals.

From the first time I met Sharon, I laid out my issues very openly: lack of time due to a tough work schedule and also difficulty in being strict with nutrition. I live with a family who enjoys food and eats out often, I attend many social gatherings and have frequent overseas trips.

Sharon takes a scientific, research-based approach towards training and nutrition, and everything made sense. My previous training experiences have always been of larger volume and higher intensity. Training at FENIX with Sharon was entirely different as we reduced the volume whilst maintaining an effective intensity. This really helped me with recovery without compromising my strength progression.

All in all, the experience in FENIX is extremely comfortable - the space is beautifully designed and the equipment is excellent.

“Team FENIX has given me an extremely fabulous experience with life-changing results which I am greatly thankful for.”
43, Product Lead

Over the last few years my lifestyle has changed quite a bit, with more responsibilities and less time.

With a seven-month-old son, starting a new job and a lot of other responsibilities, my biggest fear was: How am I going to fit and commit to the program to achieve my goals?

Everything done in moderation with the right balance of nutrition, exercise, daily activity and sleep is more than enough to see tremendous results and Sharon was able to guide me through all of these areas to eventually start building daily habits for me which have now become a sustainable part of my everyday lifestyle. These daily habits have also helped reduce stress and tiredness which was something I was struggling with quite a bit.

Working with Sharon has been amazing as not only did I achieve my results, but along the way I learnt so much more which has been extremely valuable. I have been training for many years, but no matter how much experience you have there is always room for improvement and growth.

FENIX is for everyone, no matter what your goals are or what level of fitness you are at. You just have to believe in yourself, show up and trust the team at FENIX and your coach to do the rest.

“My coach Johanna has always been there for me – physically and mentally.”
34, Program Manager

I am now feeling my healthiest and most confident in terms of fitness knowledge and my relationship with food.

Before starting my journey with FENIX, I would have boozy weekend brunches with friends that would continue till 2 to 3am the next morning. I usually ordered in junk food on Sundays to cure my hangovers. This had me caught in a vicious cycle. I was counting calories and going to the gym six days a week, but nobody told me that I wasn’t doing it the right way.

When I didn't see any noticeable progress, I started having doubts about my health condition: 'Do I have a hormonal issue? Is there something wrong with my body?" FENIX taught me that efficiency is key; that one solid hour of training two to three days a week can make a huge difference. My coach Johanna showed me how to properly engage the intended muscles for each exercise.

Through education and constant check-ins, she also helped me overcome my unhealthy eating habits. I now understand how to find balance in my training and lifestyle so that I can still enjoy the things I love. ⁠

“I lost over 12 Kilograms and 10% of body fat. I feel lighter, faster and stronger.””
28, Musician

I struggled with being consistent and finding a workout routine that I enjoyed. After starting my journey here at FENIX with Johanna, I began seeing a positive impact on my life.

The space and equipment here at FENIX is first-class. Jo ensures that I reap the most benefits from them by fine-tuning the execution of my lifts. This enables me to target the right muscles and move with intention. Jo is also remarkably patient when coaching me. She is encouraging and pays attention to the little details that turn out to be not little after all.

My sleep has improved; I enjoy food much more than before. It is an empowering feeling to understand the ways of tracking food. I am now equipped with the knowledge to enjoy tasty, nutrient-rich meals while becoming healthier and leaner. I feel sharper, more confident and am able to communicate more effectively with everyone I cross paths with – be it in a professional or personal setting.

“FENIX made the body in my head a reality.”
37, Tech Management

I always felt strong, but never felt confident with my shirt off. I also had knee and back issues.

Having a coach is crucial in ensuring what you have set out to achieve is achieved. My coach Tom said to me: “If you really want to do this, we will make it happen”. It was a commitment I made to myself and to Tom, which is how my foundation was built.

Tom balanced my training with my nutrition and made sure I was tracking my progress each week. From time to time, I did make mistakes – but Tom got me back on track and my mindset was calibrated to keep chipping away at it. Stretching was built into my training routine and full range of motion was met correctly with every lift. As a result, my knee and back pain have disappeared, my body shape has been enhanced, my lifestyle has been embedded and my confidence is at a new all-time high.

Everyone can achieve their perfect body through FENIX. It’s not a matter of “if” you can but rather “when”.

“The training has significantly enhanced my performance.”
33, Head of Operations

Sports has always been at the centre of my life; my goal was to enhance my fitness to perform better on the pitch.

I would go to the gym to help enhance my sports performance, but my knowledge of weight lifting and nutrition was limited. As I grew older, I had less time to dedicate to sports, my weight fluctuated, and it affected my performance on the pitch; I had to make a change. Tom is a wealth of knowledge, and he is constantly keeping up to date with fitness and nutrition. Tom understood what I needed, given my time constraints and busy lifestyle. He formulated a comprehensive plan to help me meet my goals.

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Industry-leading Expert Coaches Achieve and maintain the transformation you’ve always wanted with the Fenix Fitness team behind you.

Expert coaches

Expert Coaches

Our coaches are knowledgeable and constantly growing by staying up-to-date with evidence-based practices and fitness coaching techniques. Most importantly, we are passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Premium Equipment

Premium Equipment

We take pride in offering you only the best. Thoughtfully curated by professionals, you and our coaches have some of the finest equipment in the industry for optimal results.

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Optimised Nutrition

Our nutritional support is tailored to every client to coincide with their unique goals and lifestyle. Our recommendations are structured and calculated to achieve the best results.



Our app is a powerful tool that brings together everything needed for a successful transformation. Fitness and nutrition data is analysed and available on screen, motivating clients to continue pushing towards their goals.

360° Support

360° Support

An integral part of the FENIX experience is feeling cared for every step of the way. From nutritional guidance to open and accessible communication, we work hard to provide you with all-rounded support. Our goal is to help you maximise your results and empower you to develop the habits that will sustain your transformation.

FENIX Fuel Bar

FENIX Fuel Bar

Choose from a wide selection of beverages to support your training and recovery. From freshly brewed coffee to our signature smoothies, we also give you the macronutrient breakdown of protein, carbs and fats so you know what is fueling your body.

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