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Transformational Personal Training Evidence-based personal fitness coaching tailored to the individual.

Our effective, sustainable, and evidence-based methods allow us to create programs tailored to each client's lifestyle and goals. In addition, the inclusive fitness environment with industry-leading equipment, technology and exceptional fitness coaches puts clients in the best position for transformation success.

Ready to get Started? The Process

It is important to us that you know what to expect on your transformation journey. An essential part of the FENIX experience is feeling deeply supported and cared for by our team through the entire process.

01 Reach out

The first step is to book your initial consultation. We start by understanding what you want to achieve and what stage your fitness and health is at.

After discussing and identifying your desired goals, we review the actions needed to achieve your transformation.

02 Identify your coach

Now that we have listened and understood your unique needs and priorities, we are in a position to identify the ideal coach from our team to support you in accomplishing your transformation goals.

03 Structure a nutrition and training plan

Based on the valuable information you have shared with us, your coach will structure a customised nutrition and training programme that is effective and sustainable. They will also guide you in making informed lifestyle choices so that you feel confident even outside the gym.

04 Embark on your transformation journey

A solid foundation is in place and you officially begin your transformation journey! As your partner in success, your coach will monitor your progress along the way. You will find the FENIX Fit app a great tool for staying connected with your coach and tracking your wins!

05 Uncover your best self

You are now the new you! But this is not the end. You continue to receive support from your coach so that you are able to maintain your results and set new goals to continue on the path towards becoming your best.

06 Positive new lifestyle

The positive new lifestyle you have created empowers you with the knowledge and habits to sustain your improved fitness and health.

The true rise of the FENIX!

Achieve your goals, become your best self Our Perfectly Created Programs

Women’s Health & Fitness

Whether you are navigating a fast-paced career or raising a family (or both!), pre- or post-pregnancy or in the later stages of life, we have the knowledge and care to tailor a program specifically for you that supports your journey to achieve your dream outcomes.

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Weight Loss

Look great and uncover the real you with the support of our expert coaches, our state-of-the art facility is perfect for helping you achieve your weight loss/fat loss goals.

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Strength & Movement

We work to reverse the years, add flexibility, and drive capacity so not only do you feel good, you can do more. From chasing around your kids, to keeping up your energy levels we can help.

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Health Improvement

If you’re looking to improve your health and fitness, our 1-to-1 premium fitness coaching is for you. Our state-of-the-art facility in Singapore is equipped with the latest fitness equipment and our expert coaches will help you achieve your goals.

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Build Muscle & Increase Strength

At Fenix Fitness, strength training is about removing all the barriers you face. We work to build lean muscle, maintain flexibility, and build more strength than you’ve ever had before.

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Body Transformation

Achieve the body you’ve always wanted with our 1-to-1 premium fitness coaching is the perfect way to help you achieve your Body Transformation / Body Composition goals.

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Get better Value and Results with FENIX

Compare training with FENIX to a Standard Gym PT

Fenix Fitness provides highest quality evidence-based fitness coaching utilising the latest, proven methods across our curated selection of the most advanced fitness equipment and technologies from 6 different manufacturers.

It's The FENIX Way, our modern, scientific yet caring approach to coaching you that delivers your dream results in a safe and sustainable way.

FENIX body fat assessment uses the state-of-the art non-invasive Fit3D body scan, not old fashioned ‘fat callipers’

FENIX curated our state-of-the-art exercise equipment from 6 leading manufacturers to have the best machine for each type of exercise. That enables us to adjust our machines around your specific needs including old injuries

FENIX Fit App contains your tailored personal workout programs, nutrition coaching & comprehensive workout and performance data tracking and includes convenient Coach and Client messaging.

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