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    Nutritional advice and ongoing support included in our prices.
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How can FENIX help me to lose fat?

If you’re looking for fat loss programs in Singapore, FENIX is the one you should not miss out on. We have a diverse team of highly-qualified and passionate, expert Coaches with experience in the industry locally and overseas. We know exactly what it takes to help you reach your goals.

In FENIX we refer to Fat Loss and Weight Management because talking only about 'weight loss' alone is deceiving. Too many weight loss programs make you lose weight by shedding more than fat, thus putting your health at risk.


Here’s what you can expect from your FENIX program:

1. We make sure you lose actual fat, not just water, and we also ensure you don't lose valuable muscles (lean body mass).

2. We train up your muscles to increase your Basal Metabolic Rate so that you will burn more calories even when you are resting.

3. We provide you with nutritional advice and ongoing support so you can develop a healthier diet and make better informed choices.

4. We point out for you the more established and reliable meal delivery services in town all of which we have tested.

5. We inspire and support you to cultivate healthier daily habits to ensure you’re well equipped to tackle fat loss, including
- Resistance training 2-3 times a week
- Consuming enough protein
- Getting enough good quality sleep

How will I know if FENIX is effective in helping me to lose fat?

Our state-of-the-art Fit3D weight-tracking and circumference measurement equipment uses sophisticated sensors that provide accurate results in seconds. No more old-fashioned and invasive fat callipers, measuring tapes and basic human error. You get fast, accurate monitoring of your progress without being pinched and squeezed. We use our Fit3D to get your starting measurements and body composition and to track yoru progress from montht to month.

Nutritional Advice

What sort of nutritional advice and ongoing support will I receive from FENIX?

Our expert Coaches ask about your work and lifestyle. Then they develop specially tailored nutrition and exercise plans for you. Included in our prices you will receive customised nutritional advice and ongoing support, designed to help you reduce your body fat safely and sustainably. With the help of our Coaches, you’ll be on able to develop healthier food habits that are sensible and sustainable. Our roster of optional food delivery services also make achieving your goals easier, with delicious and nutritious meals delivered to your doorstep when you don't have time to prepare or find them yourself.

As men generally carry more muscle, they require more protein in their diet. While tracking apps can set approximate goals from basic information, Fenix Fitness goes beyond to personalise nutritional planning for our male clients.

We also understand the impact of menstrual cycles on training, and that each individual has different nutritional needs at various phases of the month. Fenix Fitness is here to help our female clients navigate training alongside PMS, bloating and food cravings. We are here to embrace them all to help you optimise your training around your menstrual cycle.

Whatever your gender, we carefully consider your body type, state of health, training performance, sleep patterns and stress levels. We ensure that your macronutrient targets are formulated to meet your training objectives and lifestyle nutritional needs.

Our in-house FUEL BAR has a menu ranging from barista coffee to protein shakes and delicious smoothies, as well as other beverages and healthy snacks. Our team is always standing by to make you that perfect pre-session power-boost or post session pick-me-up.

Female Training
Fenix Fitness

For professional advice and ongoing support on fat loss and weight management in Singapore, look no further than FENIX 1-to-1 expert health & fitness Coaches. Enjoy their support in our state-of-the art facility where you will receive highly customised nutritional and exercise advice and ongoing support designed to help you achieve your fat loss and weight management goals safely and sustainably.

If you've been trying for awhile to lose those stubborn extra kilos and just can't seem to shift them, and want to achieve you goals in a safe, healthy and sustainable way, book a free consultation with a free Fit3D measurement and body composition scan with our evidence-based expert coaches today.

The FENIX Experience will Fuel your Transformation Pick your goals and
make them a reality

Cutting-edge Technology & Proven Evidence-based Methods Setting the Benchmark for Weight Loss Training

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Reverse the effects of age and excess Weight Loss Coaching in Singapore

Training to lose weight or shift stubborn fat can be difficult and frustrating, but with our expert coaches by your side, you'll finally start seeing the results you've been dreaming of.

We've worked with many clients who had given up hope of ever achieving their weight loss goals, but with our help using proven methods they finally reached their target weight and transformed their bodies and their health both for now and into the future.

If you're ready to make the most important change of your life, contact us today to book your free initial consultation. We'll design a plan tailored specifically for you and your lifestyle, so you can finally start seeing those health-changing results you've been looking for.


Effective - Caring - Passionate Our focus is on helping YOU

We know from long experience that a realistic weight loss plan and genuine support are game changing in this age of often overwhelming demands and significant distractions in our busy lives.

Our Coaches understand and they listen to your objective, learn about your lifestyle and needs, then they work closely with you from Day 1 so that you can feel confident about achieving your goals and sustaining your results.

This ongoing personalised attention enables us to deliver the most effective programme for your body, your lifestyle and objectives.

Become Your Best Self We inspire each other to thrive

We focus on an evidence-based, proven and tailored approach to assist our weight loss clients in reaching their goals with ongoing 1-to-1 expert fitness Coaching. We teach you what we know from the latest research.

We welcome anyone who seeks to change to a healthier version of themselves. At FENIX we always take the time to listen and understand your individual needs, contraints and your desires.

Our genuine care and expertise, combined with evidence-based principles and our state-of-the-art premium facility with the best equipment for each purpose, puts you in the best place to achieve the health & fitness outcomes you aspire to.

We inspire each other to thrive

Let's Accomplish Your Goals Together Start your Journey today

Cutting-edge Tech & Evidence-based Methods Setting the Benchmark for Coaching Excellence

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Fenix Fitness strives to support the ongoing growth of our Coaches and to set the highest standards in the fitness industry. Our team is constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest research and coaching practices in order to deliver the best results. This includes weekly research reviews and training sessions.

We are confident that we have both the experience and expertise to support the health and fitness goals of Clients of all ages, states of health and backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and genuinely passionate about making a positive difference in people's lives. We believe that knowledge is incomplete without the human element of caring and developing relationships of trust.

Got Questions? Fat Loss and Weight Management FAQ's

Evidence Based Personal Training the gets Results We're proud of our clients' transformations. Be inspired by their stories.

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“My coach Johanna has always been there for me – physically and mentally.” SEMI

34, Program Manager

I am now feeling my healthiest and most confident in terms of fitness knowledge and my relationship with food.

Before starting my journey with FENIX, I would have boozy weekend brunches with friends that would continue till 2 to 3am the next morning. I usually ordered in junk food on Sundays to cure my hangovers. This had me caught in a vicious cycle. I was counting calories and going to the gym six days a week, but nobody told me that I wasn’t doing it the right way.

When I didn't see any noticeable progress, I started having doubts about my health condition: 'Do I have a hormonal issue? Is there something wrong with my body?" FENIX taught me that efficiency is key; that one solid hour of training two to three days a week can make a huge difference. My coach Johanna showed me how to properly engage the intended muscles for each exercise.

Through education and constant check-ins, she also helped me overcome my unhealthy eating habits. I now understand how to find balance in my training and lifestyle so that I can still enjoy the things I love. ⁠

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